Taekwondo Classes

How Much Do TaeKwonDo Classes Cost?

Taekwondo Classes

Let me just say from the outset that when I went to join my first TaeKwonDo school I had no idea how much it as going to cost and at that time, I could not find any information that could tell me, even in general sense, what it was going to be. I found out what the best Taekwondo school was in the area and joined. Afterwards, here is what I have found out:

The cost of taking Taekwondo classes will be anywhere between $100 and $150 a month depending on how many times a week you go and if you sign a year contract or go month to month.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to taking Taekwondo Lessons. Below you will find information on the cost of TaeKwondo Classes, the advantages and disadvantages of signing a contract, the additional costs of joining a TaeKwondo school and much more. If you are interested in learning all the ins and outs of how much Taekwondo classes cost, then keep reading.

The Initial Costs of Taking TaeKwonDo Lessons

ItemCost (On Average)
Monthly Contract Fee $                                  125.00
Uniform  $                                    25.00
Registration Fee $                                    50.00
Testing  $                                    60.00
Chest Protector $                                    35.00
Head Gear $                                    35.00
Shin and Foot Guards $                                    25.00
Forearm Guards $                                    25.00
Mouth Guard $                                    10.00
Total $                                  390.00

TaeKwonDo Classes

The first and most obvious purchase is to join the school. This is going to vary from city to city and from school to school but can range anywhere from $100 to $175 depending on where you live, how many times a week you go and whether you sign a year contract or go month to month

After your first class, which is usually free, you will be asked to speak to either the instructor him/her self or a person that works at the school depending on the size of the school. There you will be presented cost of the school and the contract.

Before I get into the contract, keep in mind that it is NOT a year contract or nothing else but you may need to ask about a non contract price as they may not mention it.


TaeKwonDo School Contract

The standard contract for a TaeKwonDo school seems to be 1 year and for that you will be allowed to attend classes 2 or 3 times per week, although this seems negotiable. If you want to go classes more often the monthly price will be higher.

The monthly fee will be automatically deducted from your account or charged to your credit card or you will have the option of paying for the full year up front and given an additional discount if you decide to do this.

At some schools, they may initially offer you just a 2 or 3 year contract. If they do, just ask about a 1 year contract.

Non Contract

As I mentioned earlier, this option may not be given to you and you may have to ask about it when discussing your options. A non contract rate is going to be higher, sometimes substantially, but the advantage here is that with a non contract you have no obligation other then the current month and you can stop at anytime without any issues.


Similar to the contract schedule, the non contract price will also be automatically deducted from your bank account. However, I would recommend that, if possible, try to have your monthly rate charged to a credit card, this way should you have any issues with the school, you have some recourse.

Registration Fees

As seems to be the norm when joining any type of on going activity such as a gym, yoga classes or in this case, Martial Arts schools there is going to be a one time registration fee. The cost varies but the standard seems to be $50. Its used to defray the costs associated with the registration process. This fee is non-refundable but in some cases, is negotiable.


At the time you sign up, you will be given your first TaeKwonDo uniform (hopefully not your last) usually with the school insignia and your first belt (white of course) . If its not included in your registration fees, the school will charge you for the uniform and that cost will be about $50

After that, and if your school allows it, you can buy your uniform from places like Amazon. An adidas uniform will cost about $35 but there are plenty of options to choose from.

Lower Belt Testing

This is a cost that may not be mentioned at the time you sign up ( it wasn’t with me) but its something I think you really need to ask about as it can and will add up as you continue moving up in your belt rank towards your eventual goal of getting a black belt.

When you first start in TaeKwonDo, you will probably be testing every 2 months. The cost of each test (at least for me ) is about $60 , again this will depend on where you live. So this means for your first year and if you stay on track you will test 6 times and therefore you will be paying an additional $360.00 that first year.

As you go up in rank, the times you test will be more spaced and you will test probably every 3 months. However, the cost of testing for these higher belts will also go up and will be usually start at $80. At least, this is my case, your rates may vary depending on where you live

Black Belt Testing

The biggest cost however will be when you go to test for your black belt. That test will cost you at least $400.00 and that is because the testing for your black belt is much more involved.

Your name will also be registered with the TaeKwonDo organization you belong to, ( in my case Kukkiwon) and you will get a black belt tailored specifically for you with your name engraved in it and with your black belt level.

You will also receive a certificate confirming your accomplishment and your registration as well as plaque.

Sparring Equipment

Gear for Taekwondo classes

One of the most exciting and fun aspects of TaeKwonDo, at least for me, is the sparring. Sparring is a controlled form of training used to help put the pieces together. You will opponent will be fellow student and you will learn how and when to throw all those kicks and punches that you are learning.

However in order to minimize any injuries to yourself or your fellow student you will need to buy sparring equipment. Here are is a list of basic but essential equipment you will need to buy if its not supplied by your school.

Chest Protector

This is used to protect the torso and comes in a variety of materials. Its purpose is to keep your chest safe from strong kicks and punches that get through. Its also helpful in protecting the ribs and stomach.

The cost for a good protector is about $65. I found one on Amazon that works great

Head Gear

Along with a chest protector you are also going to need to get some head gear. It is a very important piece of equipment due to all the kicks that are thrown in TaeKwondo. Most schools when sparring will not allow kicks to the head but this does not mean an errant kick may not happen.

The cost is usually between $20 – $40 and here is a link from Amazon where you can get one

Shin and Foot Guard

This is another important piece of sparring equipment because in sparring, especially in the early stages when control can sometimes be an issue, the sparring partners will throwing kicks at the same time and will will hit shin to shin. And let me tell from experience, that is can be VERY painful.

I found a basic shin and foot guard combo on Amazon which should work fine for the light contact in school sparring.

Forearm Guard

There are some that think that a forearm guard is not very important but once blocked kick will change all that. The padding on a forearm guard will cushion any kick and and a decent pair will take away the sweat build up so your arms don’t get too hot.

I found a highly recommend one on Amazon

Mouth Guard

This can be easily overlooked and by the time you realize you need it, well.. it could be too late for a couple of teeth. Although the head gear will do an excellent job of protecting you, the mouthguard does it job should you accidentally get a front kick to the mouth instead of the chest. A mouthguard may be uncomfortable (at first) and it may not look the best but it sure beats the alternative!

This one on Amazon get alot of good reviews

Final Thoughts

TaeKwondo is fun a sport and Martial Art that has alot of benefits for both the young and older students. My advice would be when looking at the cost of taking TaeKwondo is start off with the no contract option for a couple of months.

I have seen alot of people come and take the free class, get very excited and sign the year contract. Then after a month or 2 the excitement wears off or they find they cannot come as often as they thought but will still be obligated under the terms of the contract.

With the no contract option, although you pay a little more at the beginning, you will find out if TaeKwondo is for you if so, how often you can attend class and that point you can go in do a year contract at the lower rate.

As far as the sparring equipment is concerned, you will not need this as a white belt, normally, so I would not buy any of it until you start moving up in rank.