Taekwondo Grandmaster

What is a TaeKwonDo Grandmaster?

TaeKwonDo GrandMaster

If you have ever been in a place or setting and you were the one calling the shots, then you have an idea of what being a grandmaster is all about. It’s about leadership as well as dedication.

What is a TaeKwondo Grandmaster? Its the highest level of achievement that is granted to relatively few in Taekwondo. A grandmaster is considered to be a 9th degree black belt and is more advanced then a Master of TaeKwondo

For people who study Taekwondo, being a Taekwondo grandmaster is a great honor and a position of great repute. Let’s get to understand more about this superior rank in the Taekwondo world.

Taekwondo Grandmaster Attributes

Let’s begin by pointing out that Taekwondo has evolved to become not only a Martial art but also way of life, and just like any other fundamental aspect of life, there are various important aspects that define it.

The title grandmaster, in the world of Taekwondo, shows that growth and leadership are important aspects to those who participate in this martial art and not only a person with great fighting skills.

It is someone who has not only learned how to master his body and mind, but also learned the discipline of enhancing his life and spirit, and is able to teach others to attain the same.

Taekwondo teachers and students accord a lot of respect to a grandmaster because attaining such a title means that one has studied and mastered the art to an unprecedented level.

Additionally, this is a title of leadership. If you reach that level, you are a leader in the world of Taekwondo and therefore highly respected.

Time to Become a Grandmaster

The big question that many people ask is how long it takes for one to become a grandmaster. Just take some time and think of how much time it takes for a person to be the best in what he or she does? Or perhaps, take a look at an activity that only you can do very well in your circle of friends.

How long did it take you to get such a high level of skill so that everyone sees you as the best? It probably took a lot of time and energy, right?The same applies in becoming a grandmaster and just like the name suggests, this is the highest title one can have in Taekwondo.

Now let’s get back to how long it takes to become a grandmaster. Generally, it varies depending on individual Taekwondo association . However, on average, it takes a couple of decades for one to become a grandmaster.

One has to get (or be given) a 9th degree black belt to become a Taekwondo grandmaster.

For example, one Taekwondo association can require 1 year of training for one to attain first and second degree black belt, 2 years of training to attain second and third degree black belt, and so on, until the ninth degree.

Another group can have a requirement of 2 years of training for first and second degree black belt, 3 years for third and fourth degree, 4 years for fifth degree black belt, and 5 years for each of the remaining levels.

Typically, it takes at least 30 years for one to be a Taekwondo grandmaster, however, this time varies between different associations because each group has its own training period and structure for one to reach the different levels and ranks involved.

How Many Grandmasters Are There?

It’s not easy to know the accurate number of grand masters globally. But, they are estimated to be less than 300. The reason why it is difficult to know the exact number of grandmasters in this martial art is because different Taekwondo association and each have different years of training for one to become a grandmaster.

In other words, there is no universally accepted training period for one to get to the level of being a Taekwondo grandmaster. Also, the fact that there are self-proclaimed “grandmasters” means that it’s not easy to know the ones who have attained the title by merit and those who haven’t. However, the fact is that they are not many compared to Taekwondo masters.

If you would like to become a grandmaster one day, you can begin on that journey by joining a Taekwondo School near you.

Just remember that it’s not a walk in the park to become a Taekwondo grandmaster. It’s a journey of dedication, commitment, and a lot of hard work.