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TaeKwonDo Sparring Strategies and Advice

Sparring in Martial Arts

When you start off learning to spar in TaeKwonDo, you will more often then not be shown short 2 step combinations which are usually the foundations on which to build more complex 3 step and more combinations.

In sparring with TaeKwonDo , ideally you want to always use at at least a 2 step combination in order to be able to better confuse your opponent on what type of strike you are going to use.

However, regardless of weather its for a Tournament or a Street Fight , it will be difficult to get any more then a 3 kick combination in before having to re-adjust and for this reason I will only be going over these types of combinations

In order to learn more about 2 and 3 kicking combinations, strategies and drills to improve your speed, footwork and agility for better sparring, keep reading!

What are some TaeKwonDo Sparring Strategies?

When using combinations in sparring you will want to always have a strategy in mind in order to confuse your opponent. Therefore when using combinations you will you want to mix not only the kicks but also where and how they are thrown.

What do I mean by that? The idea is two fold. First you want to think about combinations that you can use that are used at different levels of your opponent. For example, in a simple 2 kick combination you want one kick to the mid section and the 2nd kick you would aim for the head ( of vice versa)

You also want to use a strategy, again using a 2 kick combination, where the first kick is used as a decoy so it will be short, quick and not at full power. This way it will make your opponent drop (or raise) their defense, thereby allowing you to use the second full strength kick to strike your opponent.

So what are some basic kicking combinations to start off learning when learning TaeKwonDo? Well, I am sure it may be different in every school but the ones I have learned so far are:

What are some basic Two Kick Sparring Combinations

Front Kick – Front Kick

This is the most basic of kicking combinations and more likely that not the one you will learn first. With this combination use a back leg front kick to the mid section and then follow in up with 2nd back leg front kick towards the face

Front Kick to a Side kick

This will be probably be the second combination you will learn. With this combination you will do a front kick to the face (high) and following up with a side kick to the mid section (low)

Side Kick to another Side Kick

This one will go against the high/low formula that I mentioned but that usually because it sets up for an easy third kick. But for this combination you will do straight rear leg side kick and then when you set your foot down you will step behind and do another side kick

Turning Kick to a Back Kick

This combination needs to be done more quickly where you whereby you throw a back leg turning kick to the head following it up quickly with a back kick using the opposite foot to the mid section.

Turning Kick to a Crescent Kick

This combination work great for me when I am sparring with someone that is as tall as I am or shorter but is less effective if they are taller then you. With this combination you will throw a back leg turning kick to the mid section drop the leg down and followup with a outside crescent kick to the head.

Front Leg Push Kick to a Roundhouse kick

Similar to the Push Kick – Side Kick combo where the push kick is used to keep your opponent “honest”. Here its used as a timing mechanism so that you see how your opponent reacts and then throw a turning kick to your opponents face or mid section

What are More Advanced 3 Kick Sparring Combinations

TaeKwonDo Street Fight

Front Leg Turning Kick to a Side Kick and ending with a Spinning Back Kick

The front leg turning kick is really versatile and can be used to attack low, mid and or high sections equally well. In the case, I would throw the front leg to the mid section, follow up with a front leg side kick and then finish it off with a spinning back kick to the head.

Back Leg Push Kick to a Crescent Kick followed by a Tornado Kick

This Combination starts with using a pack leg push kick with your right leg to get your opponent to move straight back, then as your momentum pulls you forward you will take one step with your left leg and then go into a crescent kick with same leg ( right) that you used for the push kick. Once you set your right leg down from the crescent kick you will follow up with a tornado kick to the mid section.

Front Leg Hook Kick to a Front Leg Side Kick to a Back Leg Turning kick

You will need to have some additional flexibility with this combination but you start of with a front leg hook kick to the head then quickly follow that up with a front leg side kick. You will then finish off the combination with a back leg turning kick to the head. ( Note the high – low – high strikes)

Front Leg Axe Kick to Back Leg Turning Kick to a Back Kick

In this 3 kick combination you will start off with a front leg Axe kick to the head then follow that up with a back leg turning kick to the mid section and finish it off with a back kick to the mid section or if your flexible enough, then go for the head.

Front Leg Front Kick to Front Leg Turning Kick to Back Leg Kick

This kicking combination is started by using two quick kicks using the front leg where your first front kick is to the mid section and quickly followed up with a front turning kick to the face and finishing it off with a back kick to the mid section.

How To Work on Speed, Footwork and Agility for Sparring

Just like anything in life in order to get better at using kicking combinations in sparring you need to practice not only the combinations like the ones I mentioned about but you also need to work on your speed, footwork and agility. I found this video that I was helpful for me and I therefore I hope you find it useful as well.