TaeKwonDo Uniforms

How to Buy a TaeKwonDo Uniform

How To Buy A TaeKwonDo Uniform

When buying a TaeKwonDo uniform you need to look at the quality of the material used, the weight of the uniform as well as the brand.

I finally wore my TaeKwonDo uniform out. Well, I have gone through three, the first one was the one I got when signing up for the class, the second uniform, which was red, I got when going through the middle belts and the third I got when I went through the upper belts.

However that same upper belt uniform, I was still wearing when I got my black belt so I needed (and wanted) to get a new one. So I decided to do some research and find out how to buy a TaeKwonDo Uniform.

Why Does Taekwondo Require a Uniform?

When I went to go get a new uniform, I had no idea how to buy a TaeKwonDo uniform or what to look for since I was always given one by the school. Little did I know at that time, how many decisions had to be made when selecting a uniform.

I innocently thought you just looked for your size and that it.. your done….boy was I in for a surprise. Needles to say its not that simple so I backed up a little decided to start my investigation with this question:

Why do we even need to wear a uniform in TaeKwonDo?  What is the purpose? 

The 3 reasons that a uniform is worn in TaeKwonDo is:

  1. TaeKwonDo Uniforms, whether they are the least expensive or the most expensive are going to be just more durable and practical then if you just took your classes wearing clothes you would wear going to say a regular gym
  2. It reminds us of those who came before and more particularly to the people who created and grew the sport of TaeKwonDo
  3. It evens the playing field as it were, so not matter what your job is, or how much money you may or may not have when you enter your Tae Kwon Do school, we all wear the same uniform.

With that in mind I will just try to narrow down the buying and research process to the essential things I looked for, you can go much further down the proverbial rabbit hole but I think this will give you what you need to know to make a good decision for you or your children.

What Are The Different TaeKwonDo Uniform Styles?

There are essentially two styles to choose from depending on the school you go to. There is the v-neck style jacket and the open wrap-around jacket. In Tae Kwon Do almost every school is going to use the V Neck style these days and they will be a lot lighter then say a Judo uniform.  They will also have slits sewn in order to approve your speed and mobility.

You will also have a few color options and for this you should ask your school what uniform color is allowed.

In the one I go two we are only allowed to wear White or Red and red is only when you are in the middle stages of training for your black belt.

How Important is the Weight of a TaeKwonDo Uniform?

TaeKownDo Uniform Weight

Ok this is where it start to be a bit tricky as the Tae Kwon Do uniforms, or all martial arts uniforms for that matter, come in different weights depending on how durable or thick you need the uniform to be.  The uniforms usually come in weight sizes of 8oz,10oz, 12oz and 14oz.

For this reason, a lot of people I found out get two uniforms, a heavier but maybe less expensive one for general class work and a lighter more expensive one for tournaments.

Even if you don’t do tournaments, you might want to think about using this system and just trade out each class or week you go.

8oz TaeKwondo Uniform

The 8oz uniform is the lightest one out there and the weight you will get with the uniform given to you by the school. The reason that the schools generally stock this weight instead of the others is that is easier to get used to and easier for the schools to stock. When you first start Tae Kwon Do, wearing a uniform can feel abit uncomfortable at first and so wearing a lighter uniform makes it easier to start.

10oz TaeKwondo Uniform

The 10oz uniform is basically the standard weight uniform that most students that are past the beginning stages wear. The reason being is you can get a little more “action” out of the uniform.

What I mean by this is as student starts to get better with their kicking techniques, if you have a 10oz uniform and you do the kick correctly you will be more apt to get a snap type of sound. Its a nice sound to hear as a student and gives you confidence.

12oz TaeKwondo Uniform

The 12oz uniform is usually the type that those who go to tournaments will get. They will usually wear the 10oz in their normal class but put a 12oz for any event that they attend. The reason for this is because a uniform of this weight will have a better appearance and will keep its shape and form.

14oz TaeKwondo Uniform

Have you ever had a shirt dry cleaned and they put too much starch in it? You feel like your wearing a piece of cardboard don’t you? Well this is what a 14oz uniform could feel like.

The advantage of wearing a uniform of this weight is that you will get a really good work out with it and if you use it for tournaments or events you will really hear that snap with a properly done technique.

If you go with this weight, make sure its made with 100% cotton and not the blend as the blend.

Who Makes TaeKwonDo Uniforms?

Price of TaeKwonDo Uniform

Needless to say generally speaking the heavier the uniform the higher the price. Of course with some exceptions, the higher priced uniforms tend to be of higher quality.

For example the amount of stitching  and material that goes into them, will have an affect as will whether its made of 100% cotton or its a blend. Also consider the manufacturer of the uniform as this will often have an affect on the quality and price.

Taekwondo Uniform Brands

When choosing a uniform you need to keep in mind that some higher level competitions only allow WTF-approved brands, like Mooto and Adidas. So if you plan on going to these types of WTF approved tournaments you may want to limit your decision to these two brands.


Adidas makes great sparring uniforms and are similar to Mooto and Tusah although they tend to be the most expensive brand. Adidas is also know for its quality and the uniforms are put together well and therefore should last you a long while.

Since Adidas is good at promoting itself,  the logo will appear prominently on the uniform so if you are doing competitions you may want to consider this as some tournaments may not allow that. Check out the Champion 2 that can be found on Amazon


Makes decent quality sparring gear and basic uniforms. It is your standard white, student Taekwondo uniform. I feel that quality and the pricing make it a good uniform for new students.

They also make a few higher quality uniforms which you can also get (such as their Deluxe or Platinum uniforms), and are good if you are not going to do any tournaments and just want a less expensive but nicer quality uniform


The Tusah Premiun Fighter Uniform is a great choice for those going to a sparring competition. They are very similar to the more expensive Adidas Fighter Uniforms, but at a better price.

The jacket is a little on the long side, but the pants are pre-tapered which is a nice touch. The pre tapered pants also means less alterations to get the uniform competition ready.

Tiger Claw

Uniforms from Tiger Claw are one of the more popular and less expensive options out there. But just because they are cheap does not mean they don’t have good quality.

They make the effort to re enforce areas that get those most wear so you will notice the inseams have double stitching.  The fabric although usually a blend is very breathable and makes for a great everyday uniform for those looking for a school uniform and not one for competitions.

Mooto  Brand

It is not a less expensive uniform, like the Vision Classic (basic) uniform. It is a higher quality uniform great for competing and adult students who are willing to pay more for a high-quality uniform.

These uniforms are good for tournaments and/or class  as they can make a crisp snapping sounds when you are doing your forms. Check out the Season 4 style- it is very crisp and makes forms sound good. A lot of people also like the BS4 or Korea

Final Thoughts

With all this information which is the best uniform to get? Needless to say this is a personal decision but the things I personally look for now are uniforms made lightweight material and that give me a  good snap on punches and kicks.

I also went with two uniforms, so if you can afford it you might consider getting 2 uniforms, 1 heavy and 1 light. You can use the heavier one for training and the lighter ones for tournaments.

For example, if I have say an hour to train and if I do my routine with a lightweight uniform, it’s going to be less exertion than if I do it with a heavier uniform.

By using the heavier uniform in training, I’ll get extra stamina and (potentially) power benefits out of training this way. Also if you train like this, you usually get a better snap on your forms when and if you do compete due to the lighter weight and feel