Tae Kwon Do Training Shoes

What Are The Best TaeKwonDo Training Shoes?

Training Shoes for Tae Kwon DoI recently decided to get a pair of shoes for TaeKwonDo for when I am training outside of my dojang and when I am in my backyard and garage or if I am training with a friend at a local park.

However, finding out what were the best TaeKwonDo shoes was not as simple or as easy as I thought it was going to be. However, I was able to find the a pair of Taekwondo shoes that had everything I was looking for.

The best Taekwondo Training shoes are the Adidas AdiLux shoes from Amazon as they are specially designed for demanding, high impact training.

Although they were not the least expensive shoes out there,  they look and feel great and I am sure I will be using them for a long time to come.

What to Look For in a Taekwondo Shoe

TaeKwonDo Shoes come all in different shapes, colors, and styles, and vary in quality. The most common colors being black, dark blue, red, white, and pink.

Depending on your skill level and the preferences of the instructor, the choice of shoes may be more or less limited so you’ll have to ask before going out a getting a pair.

If cost is a factor, you may want to consider purchasing a high quality used pair although this can be difficult to find. The shoes number one purpose is to protect your feet from the different types of floors you may train on. Their second purpose is to assist you in looking superbly cool.

There are of course a couple other reasons to go with shoes instead of your bare feet. For example, if you are in a real life or street situation, more likely then not, unless you are at the beach or by a pool you most likely will be wearing shoes, so practicing with shoes on, at least some of the time, will give you the feeling of what its like to kick with shoes on.

I would also suggest that you don’t just kick a bag but that you do some actual sparring so that you have a more real life type of situation.

This has never been an issue for me or for others that I know but I thought I would bring up this point as well. If you wear shoes during a training session you will avoid any kind of potential hygiene issues from other trainees as sometimes, unbeknownst to your fellow students, they may have a fungus infection which could spread to you, so if you are wearing show you will be easily protected from any of these types of issues.

How to Buy a Pair of Taekwondo Training Shoes

Tae Kwon Do Training Shoes

When you go to buy the right ones there isn’t a whole lot that can go wrong, however there are a few things you should look out for when getting a pair in order to maximize the life of the shoe and their comfort. Like making sure your shoes fit properly and that there not too tight or too loose .

If you buy shoes that are too tight if can cause corns, calluses, and blisters, and you can end up with a impact related injury, since they basically restrict the movement of the feet).

On the other hand if you get  shoes that are too loose you run the possibility of getting blisters and injuries related to slipping and falling during a practice or match. ( or worse seeing a shoe fly across the room when you do a kick won’t help at all for your next testing).

You should try out the shoes by both sitting and standing, as your feet expand ever so slightly as you stand up and put weight on them.

Also make sure that the sides are not too tight, even though they will stretch a little over time and use, don’t assume they will stretch that much because by the time you realize they are too tight and won’t stretch any further you won’t be able to return or exchange them for another pair.

Also when checking out the shoes, take a walk around the store or your house (if you buy them online ) and try doing a little stretching with them on and then maybe a couple of minor kicks to see how they feel. Its better to do it at either one of those instead of your school so you can adjust them if need be while you have the time.

Key Features of Taekwondo Shoes

  1. Lightweight –  Nobody likes to kick with what feels like lead weights
  2. Padding –  Protects your foot when kicking a heavy bag or a sparring partner
  3. Durable – Has to be able to last through the wear and tear of training
  4. Sole Circles – Shoes that have traction circles help you in smoothly pivoting
  5. Arch Support – Helpful in Taekwondo shoes as it lets you move certain parts of your foot without interrupting others parts

Final Thoughts

I would not recommend that you get the cheapest pair of shoes out there as you can see from the ones I got and the ones I recommend. If you get the right pair you will use them more than you may be thinking right now ( I know I am).

What may seem painful now by getting a higher prices pair of shoes will save your feet a lot of discomfort but maybe not your wallet!

The most important thing to remember is that the right pair of shoes, like the other TaeKwonDo accessories are designed to protect you while you hone your TaeKwonDo skills.

Look for shoes that are well constructed, flexible, durable, and that fit you well and if you get the right shoes from the outset, you’ll be glad later when you train in comfortable, well-fitting TaeKwonDo shoes that you took the time to select the right pair.