Can TaeKwondo Help me lose weight

Can TaeKwondo Help You Lose Weight?

The answer is absolutely yes. TaeKwondo can definitely help you shed your extra pounds. The martial art of TaeKwondo is a phenomenal option to help you lose weight and get you in the best shape of your life.

With most everyone being forced to quarantine due to Covid-19, the world is facing a health crisis. Not just from Covid, but the physical and mental health of the population is at an all time low.

Especially so with our weight. Obesity numbers are soaring and people need to get active again and lose their quarantine weight.

There is an endless list of options to help you lose weight, but one in particular you didn’t think of. TaeKwondo.

Keep reading and we’re going to answer some questions you might have before you begin your training. I will also list the benefits of TaeKwondo and how it can help you lose weight.

Do I need to be in shape to do TaeKwondo training?

Absolutely not. Noone starts out being able to do 360 roundhouses or flying sidekicks.

Everyone that begins their TaeKwondo training is out of shape. The training is a gradual process that incrementally helps you lose weight as you progres. In just a few weeks, you will see noticeable differences and feel way better than you did before.

What if I have a pre-existing condition such as asthma, diabetes, etc?

Don’t worry. Many people that have pre-existing conditions practice TaeKwondo. 

In fact, many TaeKwondo practitioners with pre-existing conditions that frequently train see tremendous benefits to their health. Some even are no longer affected by their conditions due to continually training in TaeKwondo.

It is a fact that numerous health experts say that staying active will either improve or even treat  pre-existing conditions. Even if you need alterations made for you to train, TaeKwondo will definitely improve your overall health.

How Can TaeKwondo Help You Lose Weight?

Losing Weight with Martial Arts

The reason TaeKwondo is great for weight loss, because it is a high pace workout. TaeKwondo combines cardiovascular, strength, functional, and flexibility training all in one.

Doing normal workouts at a gym, you’d have to do these separately, but with TaeKwondo, they’re all in one workout. In a one hour TaeKwondo class, it improves every aspect of your physical health.

Cardiovascular Training In TaeKwondo

This is the type of training that helps you burn the most calories. According to the Mayo Clinic, a 1hr TaeKwondo class at a moderate pace can burn 752 calories for a 160lb person.

For a person overweight or obese and well over 200lbs, they could lose almost double this in one hour. So to put in perspective an overweight person training 3 times per week can lose almost 3000 calories practicing TaeKwondo. 

That is almost 1lb of fat loss in just one week of training. With a proper diet and consistently going to TaeKwondo class, you could easily lose 5 pounds or more in a single month.

Strength Training In TaeKwondo

TaeKwondo not only improves your endurance, but you’re overall strength. Every muscle in your body gets worked when you are in a TaeKwondo class. 

With every punch and kick you throw, your muscles and core are activated. These constant movements grow your muscles and gradually increase your strength.

In just a few weeks, you’ll be able to punch harder, kick harder, and do more pushups. You’ll notice your body start to get more definition and look way better than you did before practicing TaeKwondo.

Functional Training In TaeKwondo:

Maybe the best part about practicing TaeKwondo to lose weight is that the training is functional. All of the movements you do in TaeKwondo are natural and practical.

They are all movements that your body can do naturally and in a flowing motion. This will benefit you from in your daily life being less likely to hurt yourself during your daily routine.

Flexibility Training In TaeKwondo:

To go along with the functional training aspect of TaeKwondo, flexibility is also a huge part of the training.

In every TaeKwondo class, you go through a routine of stretches to improve your flexibility and improve your movements. Constantly doing these routines will have tremendous benefits for your body. 

It reduces your risk of injury, helps you recover quicker, and improve your posture. Extremely important when you’re trying to lose weight.

How Often Should You Train To Lose Weight?

Tae Kwon Do Stretching

As much as possible, but any amount you can do will be beneficial to your goal of losing weight. Here is a guideline you can follow for when you’re practicing TaeKwondo to lose weight.

  • Beginner Stage: If you’re really out of shape and inactive, the best approach is to start with 1-2 classes per week. Gradually getting into training is the smarter idea when you start out in TaeKwondo to not overwork your body.
  • Intermediate Stage: After your body gets acclimated to the training, you can then up your training to 2-3 classes per week. You’ll be losing weight at a faster pace and be feeling much better.
  • Advanced Stage: If you really enjoy practicing TaeKwondo beyond just for losing weight, then 3-5 days per week is for you. Continue to grow your passion for TaeKWondo and keep training.

Benefits Of TaeKwondo During Your Weight Loss Process

TaeKwondo provides many benefits that practice the art, but two in particular for those in the process of losing weight. It gives you a routine and teaches you discipline.

Routine: The big reason why people gained weight during quarantine was because their routine was interrupted. They had nothing to do, but sit home and eat.

Since quarantine is over, they have no direction and need to get back on a routine. Which is why TaeKwondo is the perfect answer for this solution. 

Training keeps you on a set schedule and keeps you active. This routine of practicing TaeKwondo keeps you from being sedentary, which directly leads to being overweight from constantly binge eating.

Discipline: When you practice TaeKwondo you learn to develop self discipline. The main reason why people get overweight is they lack the self discipline to not eat in excess. 

Learning TaeKwondo helps you develop discipline within yourself to never let yourself get into an unhealthy state again. You’ll strive to be the best you can be physically and mentally.

Get Ready To Train

Now that you know the benefits and had any worry you had answered, why not begin your TaeKwondo training? If you gained some extra pounds from quarantine you’re looking to burn off, there’s nothing better than getting into TaeKwondo.

Not only are you going to get amazing results, but you also learn self defense during your weight loss journey. Practicing TaeKwondo will help get you lose weight, while giving you the discipline to keep it off.